How to Create Perfect Summer Makeup

create perfect summer makeupDo you wear the same makeup throughout the year or do you switch your routine during the summer months? Here are a few tips and tricks about how to use makeup to create perfect summer makeup and look fabulous during warmer months.


Healthy skin = well hydrated skin. Use an oil-free moisturiser to maintain a healthy glow. P.S. Look for a moisturiser that contains SPF. Your skin will thank you.


A primer is the key to create perfect summer makeup. It will even out your skin tone, minimise the appearance of pores and increase the longevity of your look.

Keep it light

We are firm believers that less is more when it comes to perfect summer makeup. Touch up trouble spots with a little bit of concealer. If you’re not comfortable with a totally nude look, try a tinted moisturiser. It will shield the skin so you will have the first point (hydration) covered.

create perfect summer makeupSweep some bronzer

Bronzer will be your second best friend during summer months if  you want to get that sun-kissed glow. Use a medium-sized brush to sweep it onto your forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose.

Choose waterproof

Pick water-resistant mascaras to avoid dreaded racoon eyes.

Brighten your eyes

Opt for powder-based shadows so they don’t crease or melt. Replace rich and deep hues with their sheer versions or nude shades. It’s also a good idea to apply some primer beforehand.

Protect your pout

Don’t forget to protect your lips. They have very little sun-repelling melanin so you HAVE TO look after them, too.

Control the shine

We love dewy look in the summer but if you have oily skin, use oil-blotting sheets to remove excess shine.