Welcome to Her HiveHello and welcome to Her Hive. I’m so excited to see you here.

My name is Izabela and some of you may recognise me as a blogger behind My Daily Wear. After successfully running my personal style blog for over 2 years, I’ve taken a leap and launched Her Hive as a platform to inspire women to be comfortable in their own skin and create a life they want.

Why have I done so? Well, I know first hand how difficult it is to have a distorted body image. For years I struggled with my weight, which was fluctuating and making me feel miserable. I tried many crash diets only to experience a yo-yo effect as soon as I started eating normally. On top of that, a negative committee in my head was constantly telling me I was not pretty and good enough to achieve what I wanted. I was afraid to try new things because I was convinced I would not succeed. It sounds crazy to me when I write all these down but back then I felt like a real failure.

As I know many of you are experiencing the same things, I’ve decided to create a platform to inspire you to love yourself and achieve your dreams, whatever they may be. Her Hive is more than just an online magazine or a blog. It is a new community where we can all be friends and support each other.

Smile, hold your head high and remember that you are beautiful just the way you are.